About Scott & Jeff

Scott and Jeff Ward are two innovative young Aboriginal entrepreneurs based on Vancouver Island.

Scott Ward is a highly sought-after First Nation/Aboriginal stage hypnotist, performing comedy hypnosis shows for all ages and audiences. Scott holds a Bachelor of Education from the University of Alberta and is also certified in hypnotherapy.

In 2007 Scott was awarded an Alberta Business Award of Distinction from the Alberta Chamber of Commerce for his business success among other numerous community volunteer and service awards. Scott also worked previously as a career counselor and teacher before taking his comedy hypnosis shows on the road full-time in 2004.

Website: http://www.scottward.net
Twitter: @scottyhypnotist

Jeff K. Ward is a professional web creative, entrepreneur and proud father. In 2003, Jeff founded Animikii Inc., a web-services company building web-applications and online user experiences for community-based organizations across North America.

While in high school, Jeff was hired by an online education company as a web design consultant, inspiring the creation of his first company at the age of 17. He then went to specialize in user interface design with several start-up companies in California’s Silicon Valley.

In 2009 Jeff was recognized as a role model by the National Aboriginal Health Organization. In 2010 Jeff was awarded the "Entrepreneur of The Year” title by the BC Achievement Foundation.

Website: http://jeff.io
Twitter: @jeffio