“But I can’t keep runnin’ I just gotta keep keen and cunnin’.”


Decide If Travelling Is Worth It To You

Travelling is a great way to expand your business, make those face-to-face contacts, network with others, and see interesting new places while you work. But there are some downsides and important considerations. When your business potentially involves travel, the first thing you need to decide is: does your health, family, and home life support it? No business is worth sacrificing any of these three items. Do you get so sick on airplanes or rough highways that it takes too much out of you? Do you have young children with separation anxiety? Do you provide care for an elder, or are you a single parent who needs to work close to home?

If the answer appears to be ‘yes’ to those aspects of travel, then you need to decide how much time you are willing to sacrifice — whether that time is spent flying across the country, driving to the next town, or dog sledding to remote areas. A wise use of your time is crucial in every business. While each business is unique, if you are away too long from your home base, it can get tricky to stay on top of things and still effectively grow your business.

Another important consideration is cost: can you and your business afford the expense? Good planning and budgeting of both time and money for each trip will help you build your business, as well as seeing more of the world around you.

Here’s something to consider if you do have family waiting eagerly for your return: always bring something back for your loved ones, especially the kids. Our Dad always did, even if it was as simple as a free bag of peanuts from the airplane, and it’s a tradition we’ve continued.

When I travel, I try to find opportunities to bring my family with me. Kids love hotels with swimming pools!