“Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family. Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one.”

—Jane Howard

Family First!

The people in your life, especially your immediate family, should always take priority. However, part of that balance involves providing for them, especially your dependants, whoever they may be. So it is not as cut and dry as immediately dropping everything and spending every waking moment with the ones you love. You also need to have the means to support them, feed them, clothe them, keep a roof over them and pay the bills. So by working, you are putting your family first. Make sure they know that, and make sure you know that, too.

Don’t confuse working for a living with work being your whole life. There is no point in making millions if you miss every major (and minor) event in your family’s life and they justifiably resent you for it. When you draw up your calendar and schedule, put your family events first, if you can. This helps you align your priorities and will make you (and your family) happier and more successful.

Your clients and colleagues have families too, and will not only understand, but respect that you put your family first. And if they don’t respect that, either they need more examples of it in their lives, or else you don’t need a business relationship with them. Priorities are important, and good priorities are universal.

Another way to keep your family at the forefront is to keep them involved and updated as to progress. Celebrate with them! Create traditions to reward one another when a new level of success is reached in business. It can be a special family night, a trip, even a special meal. But keep your most important “business partners” in the loop, and celebrate your business success with those who matter most — the people you’re actually working for, 24/7.

Working from home helps me balance work and life. It’s great to be able to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner with my family — and still put in a full day’s work.