“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift. That’s why we call it ’the present‘.”

- Unknown 

Get Excited For Monday Morning!

Are you one of those people who dread the beginning of the work week? One way to modify your negative thinking about Monday morning is to focus on all the opportunities it brings to move you closer to a better life. That is the reality of what Monday morning offers you. It will help you become excited about what opportunities you have right in front of you, as opposed to stressing about what you believe you don’t have.

Your team takes your lead, so you start by simply making a decision to think differently, deciding that you are going to be happy and excited to go to work. We are not talking about ‘fake it until you make it’, but rather about you opting to take control of your thoughts, and how you are going to emotionally respond to the world. Note, we stated ‘respond’ to the world, not ‘react’ – they are different things. A reaction is ‘action without control’ and response is ‘action under control’: a position of strength.

Why don’t you feel excited about going to work? In our experience, most people give too much power to the unknown, believing the abyss is much deeper than it is. The very first step you need to take on this journey is to accept that you are in control of your emotions. Emotions are not involuntary or random. This fact is often lost amongst the habitual fear, negativity, anxiety and distress of our modern world. Yet, once you realize that you are, in fact, the ‘boss of you’, there is a major shift in your outlook on life.

Set new challenges for yourself at work, small ones, big ones, but most importantly ‘new’ ones. Keep track of them so you can look back when you need encouragement. This is one way to shake up the day-in/day-out routine, plus providing measurable success. Likewise, it will make you more attentive and motivated when you have a goal.

Once I found my calling to self-employment I became excited to get up Mondays because I was able to action my ideas that were brewing all weekend, and Monday is the best day to make decisions for the week.