“Learning how to learn is life’s most important skill.”

—Tony Buzan

If You Don’t Know How, Learn!

Nobody goes into business knowing it all. And we’ve already dealt with situations where you can delegate tasks that you can’t stand, or are not as efficient at. But what about situations where there is something you just haven’t come across yet, or something else you were planning to learn but hadn’t yet? Our advice to you is that in your own business, consider yourself always at ‘on the job training.’ Half the fun of running your own business is that, besides specializing in something you enjoy doing, you can also add growth and variety and an opportunity to develop new skills.

So, if you’re asked to do something that you have yet to attempt, say ‘Sure thing!’ then figure out how to get it done. Whether that involves reading a certain book, doing an online tutorial, trial and error, taking a class or asking another specialist in the field for advice — knowledge is power. And wisdom is knowing when and how to acquire and use that power. You might spend some extra time in educating yourself, but think of it as an investment for the future and the chance to do something the following time with increased skill and proficiency.

It feels good to empower yourself by learning something new. Nothing is more motivating than having a client, a deadline, and an exciting new skill. It may be frustrating your first time out, but be patient with yourself. Roll your sleeves up, remind yourself that you are a skilled and talented person who is a beginner in this particular task, and don’t give up. The best way to learn something is hands-on — being paid to do it is just an added bonus.

Remember: you are a human being with limitless potential and infinite possibility. The only requirement to tap those possibilities and potentials is time, patience, and belief.

I have pretty much based my entire business on this principle: If I don’t know how to do something I will figure it out or find somebody that can!