“Learn to get in touch with the silence within yourself, and know that everything in this life has purpose.”

—Elizabeth Kübler-Ross

Make Time For Learning

Be proactive in educating yourself in your field, don’t wait until you need specialized knowledge to acquire it. Most people learn better when they’re not under the gun from a client, rush job or an emergency. And since you have chosen a profession that you enjoy, are good at, and is interesting to you, keep those fires alive by constantly learning new things. Just build that space into your work week or your annual schedule — what teachers call their “lesson time”. It is refreshing to learn a new lesson in how to do something, and it will pay off in keeping you up-to-date and motivated.

You don’t have to do it completely on your own. Different people learn differently so find out what works best for you and what your learning style is. You can mix it up a bit, too. Take workshops, courses, training, or certification in your field. Take some first-aid while you’re at it. That’s a good skill set to have in any business, and could save a life. Subscribe to newsletters, blogs or twitter accounts in the industry — any format that is fresh and enjoyable and will keep you on the leading edge of new developments. Make time for shop-talk with other professionals, or go on a ‘field trip’ to see something new.

When you’re a life-long learner, you’re never bored. Learning is often different when you’re an adult than when you’re a kid, because if you were taught in a typical classroom, you didn’t get to choose what you learned. You followed the government curriculum as administered by the resources selected by your school board, as taught in the lesson plans developed by your teacher. Now’s your chance to get a real education, one that you own and love. Because you get to pick what you’re learning and interested in, and the whens, hows, wheres, and whats of that learning. It’s on your terms, on your time, and in the way that plays to your individual strengths and interests.

I try to read online news everyday and research what’s happening in the industry. Knowing what current issues are helps me make better choices for future directions to go in.