“The key is in not spending time, but in investing it.”

—Stephen R. Covey

Optimize Your Work Time

There are many ways to work at an optimal level, but maximizing your personal work cycle moves you closer to obtaining a life of quality that best suits your individual philosophy and the way you are hard-wired to work most efficiently.

Knowing, or learning, how you work best is the secret to optimizing your work time. Also taking the time to observe and know how, why, when and where you work best, and conversely, when you are not at your prime, is important.

Like everyone, your work cycle will have points of maximum productivity, points of ‘near zero’ productivity, and points in between. Personal insight and planning around your own ‘highs and lows’ optimizes your output, gives predictability to your schedule and make your days overall, more satisfying.

Take note when and where you are the most (and least) productive. Don’t feel guilty about one part of your work cycle being less productive than another. Every person is like this.

Be aware of personal tendencies and habits regarding the best times of the day for you to be productive. Keep in mind best tasks for certain times, best physical settings and any recurring personal, family and work commitments you have. You also must decide how you are going to deal with unforeseen tasks that come up and have to be dealt with.

It is easier to optimize your work cycle if you work solo as you will not have the unpredictability of office interruptions. If you do have others to consider, try to give yourself ‘protected time’ during your optimal/peak performance hours.

I know I work best for certain tasks from 9 to noon. Even during that time there are other particular tasks better done between 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. But between 2 and 4 in the afternoon, it is time to go for a walk or coffee. I am more productive and likely easier to live with when I follow my personal inclination.