“It is not the event, but rather it is an inter pretation of it that causes an emotional reaction.”

—Albert Ellis

Present Yourself Well

How people perceive you will affect how likely they are to do business with you. How you act is how you will be treated. So you need to first of all perceive yourself as a successful businessperson, a leader in your sector, and a unique and gifted person who has a lot to offer. Self-esteem is everything — if you’ve got it, people will sense and respect that. You don’t need to be cocky or loud or arrogant, a quiet solid air of competence and confidence will do quite nicely.

Make sure you’re matching that internal confidence with a show of external confidence. Put on your best face... ‘Look good, feel good,’ as they say. You don’t have to spend a million bucks to look like a million bucks, but when you have a clean, neat appearance you are showing respect to yourself and others. Appearances do matter, and books do get judged by their cover — so make your book cover display the valuable contents as best you can.

Treat people with interest and respect at all times; these could be future friends or clients. Remember, you are a walking advertisement for your business — you want to do your best to promote the most positive perception of you and your business that you can.

But don’t overdo it — nobody likes a phony. Stay authentic to who and what you are, at all times. Be yourself, the best self you can be; nobody else can be a better you, than you. Know that as you go about your work each day, you are making dreams come true for yourself and those around you, and be as positive as you can at all times. You will find that the right attitudes will attract business and the kind of people you want to work with.

Use your credentials to open the doors but also make sure you can deliver what you say you can, and back it up with testimonials and references.