“In truth, people can generally make time for what they choose to do; it is not really the time but the will that is lacking.”

—Sir John Lubbock

Put More Time Into Your Business Than You Did Working As An Employee

You’re on the hook now — boss, employee, and business owner all in one. This is not time to kick back and relax. You need to put the same amount of working hours into your new job as you did with your old one, probably even more. After all, who is more motivated about your own business than you are? So, if you’ve left your old job and you’re expecting to make a go of it, doesn’t it make sense to put, at a minimum, the same amount of time and effort into this business as you did at your previous job where you were working for someone else?

Not only will you gain from every last hour and every bit of effort invested into your venture, but this business is also yours to lose if you don’t give it the necessary time, honour, respect, and commitment that your dreams and passions and gifts deserve. Being your boss means a certain amount of freedom, yes. But with added freedom comes added responsibility (remember the quote from Spiderman, the Movie: “With great power comes great responsibility.”)

Use your powers for good — your business deserves to be treated like a business, not a pastime. You are already in the habit of dedicating a certain amount of hours to working for someone else — why wouldn’t you keep that habit, but dedicate it towards feeding your own dreams and visions for a successful business model?

Remember: this is your business, your dream, and it is worthwhile. But the success — or failure — is entirely up to just one person. You.

You WILL be successful if you put in full-time hours working your business. The first three years of your start-up be prepared to put in the hours because there will be a lot of work and you might be your only employee.