“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.”

—Thomas Edison

See A Need, Fill A Need

Your business will only exist if there is a market for it. If you’re selling sand at the beach, no marketing plan, introductory offer or expert sales pitch is going to help you out. So analyze your industry, come up with a need that isn’t being filled or a problem that needs a better solution than the options that currently exist, and provide that to your clients.

Needs can range from products to services, to advice and counseling. Needs are, in fact, endless, and so are the solutions to those needs. While you can possibly just come up with a list of things people ‘might’ need, it’s best to find out what people actually need. You can outright ask people what their needs are, then develop a response to those needs. Or even better, fill one of your own needs because there’s a good chance there’s more than a few people who will require the same thing.

Ditto for problems. The only thing more satisfying than solving your own, is solving the problems of others (okay, you can’t necessarily solve everyone’s problems, but you can probably help with the industry-related ones.) Think through complications that plague you in your line of work, develop solutions or fixes, and begin offering solutions.

If you stop to consider it, this really is the underlying reason for every business out there. Those businesses that have a harder time of things are usually selling things that aren’t necessarily needed (so they have to invest in creating a need, or convincing others of that need) or are creating more problems than they solve.

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