“A players hire A+ players, but B players hire C, C hire D. If you start down this slippery slope, you’ll soon end up with Z players; this is called The Bozo Explosion”

—Guy Kawasaki

When To Outsource Or Sub-Contract

If you need help getting work done, always hire A+ people. You want to work with the best of the best — because birds of a feather flock together, and being considered an expert by association is just one of the side benefits. You also stand to gain good service and good advice.

Sometimes working with the best costs more, but just as with products and supplies — you get what you pay for. Paying an expensive expert who works fast and knows what they’re doing often saves money as opposed to waiting around while an amateur learns the ropes on your hourly billed invoice.

So now that you know who to hire (the best!) — what about when? A good rule of thumb is to hire someone when it is ultimately going to either save, or make, money for you. Perhaps by freeing you to do other things (like make more money) or by providing additional services that expand your business horizons or enable you to serve your clients better.

Not only has hiring A+ people allowed me to work with some amazing talented people, it has also made me some great friends for life.