“If you’re serious about building your personal brand, there will be no time for Wii.”

—Gary Vaynerchuk

Your Personal Brand

Your business is all about you — YOU are the product, the service, the front-facing person. So start thinking about yourself in terms of a product that is being offered and be the brand you want to see in the world. We have found that people don’t hire companies — they hire people.

You need to take control of your ‘brand’ for your business or personal style, otherwise a number of forces you have no control over will be happy to do it for you, and without your permission and/or direction. You want to be the person who makes those decisions and choose the direction, method, and delivery of your brand — what it looks like, what it is, and where you find it.

The first place to control your brand is on-line and hopefully you already have done this to some extent. We live in a wired age and personal branding is now a part of business, politics and social interactions. So a good website or social networking representation can be key to staking out your territory and defining your brand space. Remember that the internet means you have the ability to speak daily to dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of people via social networking sites.

But you also need to be authentic in who and what you are; beyond your personal brand, you also need to maintain a personal touch. However, in being authentic also be strategic — only share what you’re comfortable with. You are allowed to maintain privacy and personal boundaries, but sometimes by sharing yourself in at least a limited way, you can create a personal brand that is equity to be cashed in on at a later date.

I am surprised how many people have checked out my blog and twitter before meeting me in person. This has made it really easy to start conversations.